Application of optical remote sensing for variable nitrogen rate application
Soil silicon research: soil testing standardization, correlation/calibration, establishing critical soil silicon level
Updating soil fertilization guidelines for Louisiana crop production systems
Acquistion of crop vegetation indices using unmanned aircraft system equipped with digital camera
Development of nitrogen working algorithm based on sensor reading using yield potential and estimates of crop response to nitrogen fertilization as derivatives
Implementation of right source of fertilizer to improve nutrient use efficiency by crops
Impact of cultural management practices in nutrient recycling (residue management, cover crops, and crop rotation)


Louisiana Agriculture Magazine
LA Magazine Producing more cotton with less nitrogen: taking optical remote sensing to a higher level
Potential of silicon fertilization in reducing arsenic accumulation in rice grains
Protecting our soil
Soil phosphorus buffer coefficient can improve soil test-based phosphorus recommendation
Soil fertility in soybean production
On-site optical sensor-based nitrogen recommendation makes sense
Improving soil testing and interpretation
Soil testing and calibration research in Louisiana


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